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What does/did it feel like to be young, queer and YOU?

In honor of Queer Youth Empowerment Month October 2011, Coalition for Queer Youth launched TESTIMONY, an exhibition that tells the story of what it's like to be young and LGBTQ all around the world.

Queer-identified youth AND adults are invited to submit creative projects (photography, writing, poetry, song, etc.) that represent what it's like to be young and queer from your unique perspective. It is a space to tell our stories in our own voices, to connect with others, to document our history, to spark dialogue and create change. Be a part of it!

This exhibition is:

An opportunity to be Heard
a conversation
a chance to create
a documentation of past and present
a place to connect
a vehicle for healing
a platform for education
a love letter to those we've lost
a way to build support
An act of Unity

*For more information, questions, interest in collaboration or offerings of support email us at ☺

Coalition for Queer Youth is a partnership between young people, service providers, activists and allies dedicated to using creative forms of education, advocacy and empowerment to increase community support for LGBTQ youth.

TESTIMONY: A Living Exhibition of Queer Youth was presented at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in NYC during July 2012 and won the All Out Arts award for Outstanding Event of the Year!

Curated by CQY founder, Alexis Heller

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Submitted by AFREEN CHAUDHRY, Age 20, Jaipur, India

Artist Statement:

Afreen considers herself a dislocated estrogen molecule; that has been left dreaming for too long. She is a proud queer-ling in an obsessive rut to write about gender fucks, madness, Indian mythology, dreams and reams of sex. Her work has been featured in Queer Noir, Tehelka and Pank magazine”

Her favourite poets are Mani Rao, Imtiaz Dharker, Adrienne Rich, Agha Shahid Ali, Allen Ginsberg and a huge amount of Rumi. She is a compelling dramatic bee and an avid art lover. She wants to earn enough to travel around and get through with some changes. “Soon enough”!

Posted on Thursday, November 17th 2011

Tags queer LGBT transgender youth coming out photography India Art

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